Western Thailand

Volunteering with Migrants and Refugees on the Thailand Myanmar Border​

Volunteer with ethnic minorities 

Volunteer in the remotest part of Thailand. Karen and hill tribe villages mix with refugee camps – testimony to a region of fascinating culture diversity but also the result of a long civil war in Burma, Myanmar.

The Karen and other minorities have been fighting the Burmese military for autonomy for decades. Over 60% of the people in this region live in poverty. Many are stateless and lack education!

You will teach Karen, Thai and Burmese children. Some live in Thailand, some in refugee camps, some in Myanmar. 

In October you can join Openmind Projects Learning Camps in these mountains!

Learn more about these Schools and Read about our Camps

Volunteering in the Thai Burma. Mountains with Openmind Projects

Volunteer work with Burma, Karen 

Volunteers teach and practice English with migrant children at border schools. IT and Internet learning can be combined with English training. 

Neither English nor IT training requires a teaching background! We practice ‘Learning By Doing’ activities!  Teach Karen, Burmese and Thai children in poor villages. 


We are always open to discuss how volunteers can contribute, depending on their backgrounds, interests, experience and skills.

Volunteer life in Northwest Thailand

Volunteers in the mountains in Northwest Thailand teach at schools in the Umpang area and stay at a school guesthouse, with a host family or a guesthouse in Umpang town. 

When you volunteer in the village schools, you will be in the remotest part of Thailand, with amazing mountains, rivers, waterfalls and jungles with rare wildlife.  

Umpang is a small and beautiful town on the Thai-Myanmar border offering you some of the most scenic experiences in Thailand. 

You fly or take a bus from Bangkok to Mae Sot. Then on to Umpang town. The drive from Mae Sot to Umpang will take you through over a 1000 curves on a mountain road with stunning scenery!

In 2016, we ran our first and very successful Mobile Mountain Camps here, reaching out to children who are unable to come to our Camps at our Center. 

Volunteers help us give the campers a hope and opportunity. And you as a volunteer get a fantastic and meaningful experience!