Burma Migrants Volunteer

Volunteer with Migrant and Refugee Children

Volunteer with Ethnic Minorities, Migrants and Refugees

Their Problem. Since the end of WW2, there has been a civil war between the ethnic minorities of Myanmar and the Burmese army. They were promised autonomy but did not receive it.

The violence has led to a very large number of refugees fleeing to Thailand. Those who are not refugees are stateless or migrants. Some are Thai citizens. This region has the highest overall poverty rate in Thailand. The people are not allowed to travel to other parts of Thailand. They cannot visit our Training Center. 

But we can go to them and so can our volunteers!

Join our Mobile Learning Camps

Volunteer at Thai Burmese border schools!

Together, we bring hope, knowledge and inspiration!

Are you up for a volunteer challenge? If so, you are in for an immensely rewarding volunteer experience with these young Burmese and Karen! You will volunteer in the stunning Thai Burmese nature of mountains, amazing waterfalls and jungle!

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We invite you to a Free Training Week at our Center before you go to help them!

Teach Burmese and Karen Children

Teach English Most of the children couldn’t speak any Thai when they began school. They are happy that they can even go to school! Practice simple English conversation. The teachers there speak little English. Role-plays and games are popular; not learning by heart!

Teach IT, Internet Create world awareness. Students search online, share and discuss topics with each other. Some schools have limited electricity so you might need to use your imagination!

Spend time with your students outside class. They learn English the best when having fun with you!

Teach at migrant schools, along the Thai Myanmar border between Mae Sot and beautiful Umphang. See Thailand map.

As a non-profit NGO, not a volunteer agency, we make your volunteering more affordable! 

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