Support our Fight against Poverty and Inequalities in Southeast Asia

Openmind Projects Foundation, fighting  poverty and inequalities 

Our weapons are Education, IT and Supporters, together helping poor people in SE Asia to a better future

Help a young girl to learn at our Training Center. Help a young boy to start learning at one of our camps. Sponsor one of our Learning Camps. Support our Training Center where our young villagers stay and learn how to get out of poverty.

Whoever, whatever you support, you will contribute to reducing  poverty and inequalities!

Their Problems and Our Solutions

Their Problems

  • Poor children get poor education. Schools are poor and traditional rote learning, memorizing without understanding make children bored, not learn. 
  • Our Solutions
  • We encourage, inspire and guide them to become lifelong learners. We use using modern learning and IT and internet to make motivated, confident while they learn English and to use IT. We want them to learn to learn, to be active learners.

On our website learn more about Openmind Projects, our Training Center, our Learning Camps and how we think about Learning and work with education.

Our people, trainees, campers, village and migrant children need your support, more supporters, sponsors, donors and volunteers

How Your Donation Can Help and Who

  • Support our Trainees. Help a trainee at our Training Center, help several. Help a trainee to move on to study out of poverty. Our trainees come from poor farmer, migrant, villages in Laos, Thailand.
  • Support our Campers. Help a camper, help a group of campers join our Learning Camps!
  • Sponsor a Learning Camp, or part of one, at our Center or a Mobile Mountain Camp in the Thai Burma Mountains. Campers come from poor farmer, migrant, villages in Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.
  • Sponsor an Exchange Student, a Study Abroad Student. Help a student or group of students, to volunteer at to our Center, a village project or a camp.  
  • Send your Employee or a Team on a Learning Trip to volunteer, a capacity and team building experience! 
  • Help us make our Training Center a better learning place. 2nd hand laptops, smartphones for trainees and campers. Our Center is constantly in need of maintenance.   

How you or your company can help

  • If you want to lend a helping hand, donation, to a trainee, a camper or our Center, let us know and we will tell you how you can donate. Or just donate!
  • If you want to support in kind, contact us! Laptops, tablets, smartphones for our trainees, campers and village children are in high demand!  
  • If you want to sponsor a camp, part of one, or several, tell us and we will be happy to tell you how you can and tell you more about them. Camps are free, live, eat and sleep at the camp and campers come from poor farmer, migrant families from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar migrant. 
  • If you want to support an exchange, study abroad student to help us, let us know and will discuss what he, she can do!
  • If you want to send an employee, or  a team, let us discuss and together design and agree on a suitable project.

Our Impact

  • Operation - 6 %
  • R&D - 5 %
  • Field Projects - 25 %
  • Learning Camps - 32 %
  • Training Center - 33 %

How Your Donation Helps

Your donations go directly to help the Openmind Training Center, the learning camps, the field projects. Of course, we have some kind of administration cost, but since we operate directly in Thailand these costs are very small.