Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Volunteering

Employee Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand

Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Volunteering Abroad

Corona News from Openmind Projects Update regarding Covid 19 in Thailand and Laos, and its effects on corporate volunteering. 

Why not send your employee as a volunteer to Thailand? Openmind Projects and our volunteers help to fight poverty in Southeast Asia. Our weapons are education and IT to empower poor young villagers, helping them to learn for a better future.


Overseas Corporate Employee Volunteering is an innovative and faster lane into leadership, problem solving and cross-cultural skills! Increase corporate capacity, strengthen corporate culture and make sure your young talent stays with you! Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility! 50 percent of the workforce will soon be millennials. You are competing for the best talent. Millennials are choosier and change jobs more often than their seniors, however you want to keep them. Millennials prefer companies who demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility in Action! Send employees to volunteer with a non-profit charity: an innovative way to keep the best!

  • Your company benefits when your employees volunteer abroad. 
  • Goodwill increases.
  • Your corporate culture is strengthened.
  • Employees feel proud to work for you! They talk about your company, their experiences there, and what the company does for its employees and the world.
  • An innovative and fast capacity-building way to help your employees develop their skills via experiential learning overseas. They then bring these new skills back to enhance your business.
  • Attract more of the best talent to work for you!  

Work experience abroad is easy to organize. Encourage your staff to find out where they can volunteer and what they can do. Let them show you how they intend to improve their leadership, teamwork and cross-culture skills by volunteering overseas! 

What International Research says about Millennials

Millennials prefer companies with a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and they like companies who offer volunteer opportunities on paid time.

Millennials have high expectations on work conditions and opportunities for personal development, higher than previous generations.

They demand a  balance between between work and other time.

Millennials notice and care about their companies’ values. They want to be proud of their employer! 

Popular employers

Adapt their recruitment and compensation strategies to meet their employee expectations.

Adapt their retention strategies to millennial demands to keep the best!

Introduce training programs that are preferred by their staff and get the best from them!

How can we, a small non profit charity, NGO, help you, a modern, smart company?

We can arrange special training projects for corporate volunteers. We are a long established  NGO with a Training Center in Thailand and years of experience helping disadvantaged people and years of experience training and working with overseas volunteers.

Why Openmind Projects

We can customize an Employee Project in Thailand for you, for a talented individual or an energetic team.

We offer them challenging leadership, problem solving, cross cultural teamwork in a project where they are supposed to make an impact and show it. Experiential learning yes, but it is not only about learning it is about impacting too.

They go back more experienced, mature, with an open mind, new perspectives and can bring new  ideas. 

They spread  their message, talk about their experiences and about a company that encouraged and supported them to go abroad to help, volunteer!

Staff training by trainers can be very useful but employee volunteering abroad is Experiential Learning by Helping

It means unique personal development, a faster lane to independence, initiative, leadership, culture sensitivity and team work skills.

Employee volunteer testimonials in annual reports, in company magazines


Articles, interviews, videos, in media and social media are genuine, credible and make an impression!  

Employees have their own passions and interests. tap into them. Implement your own volunteer program. Enable your employees to contribute to efforts that resonate with their values and goals while boosting valuable corporate skills and goodwill.  

One of our cofounders, Sven Mauleon, has a long experience from international management and consulting, working  for corporations, international organizations and governments as well as universities and business schools! And Gaweechat Joompaula, our Thai cofounder and manager, has years of experiences working with volunteers and helping local people.